3:05 PM "Common Ground" (Comedy)

Film: Common Ground
Location: Phoenix Arizona
Genre: Comedy
Writer/Director/Editor: Stephen C Krystek
Producer: Charlie Steak
Cinematographer: David Matteson
Production Company: Synthethic Human Pictures
Release Date: 2008

In a small suburban home far from the battlefields on the nightly news, a different but equally deadly war is being fought. Candace (Katie Fox) and Andrew (Jason J. Baker) continually skirmish without conceding an inch; each is convinced that their cause is right. Will irreconcilable differences split them apart, or can they both find Common Ground?
Candace: Katie Fox
Andrew: Jason J. Baker

Common Ground was created in 72 hours for the F.U.S.E. Film Challenge in 2008, where teams were given the task of creating a 5-minute film centered around environmental issues. SyntheticHuman Pictures was awarded Best In Challenge and Best Film in Public Submissions.
SyntheticHuman Pictures was formed in 2006, in Phoenix, Arizona. Our core group of members has grown exponentially since the company's start and the team is quickly becoming recognized for delivering consistant, high-quality films.
"Stephen Krystek and his gang of filmmakers out of Phoenix
consistently deliver high quality independent films of various genres.
Common Ground is no exception. I'm looking forward to exhibiting
works from Synthetic Human for years to come"
- Bart Santello, Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition