6:35 PM "Men" (Comedy)

"Men" came about as an idea for a single panel cartoon, but was brought to life with the acting brilliance of William Hubbard and the cinematography of Mark Ligon.

2008 Creatisa (Run Time: 1-Minute)

Bio: Anna Griessel lives in Southern Arizona. She shares her desert home with her spouse, teen-aged son, two snakes, and three brilliant cats. She enjoys making people laugh, and think with her work. In addition to making moving pictures she enjoys creative cooking and painting.

".. Anna and her husband Scott are 'Creatisa', a
production company out of Green Valley, Arizona
that enjoy making artistic films. They have shown
films in the Arivaca Film Expo almost every year - and
the audience really enjoys their work ...."

Barton Santello - Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exposition