Event Date: Saturday - March 7th, 2009
12-Noon through 9:30 pm
Arivaca Community Center
Universal Ranch Road
Arivaca, Arizona 85601

The community of Arivaca, Arizona is proud to host the 4th-annual Arivaca Film Exhibition-supporting the spirit of the state's 'independent' filmmakers. The Arivaca Independent Filmmaker's Exhibition seeks to show films that embody two major themes:

First - Afternoon films showcase productions applicable to politics of the international border; nature and the environment; cultural traditions; sustainable (green) lifestyles and the preservation of authentic ways of life.

Second - Evening (short) films showcase cutting-edge experimental films that demonstrate creative works of filmmakers working independently and under the radar. Filmmaker's free to develop unique works without cultural scrutiny or expectation; resulting in new 'forms' of artistic expression through the use of creative multi-media.

Located South of Tucson, Arivaca's rural location nestled near mountains that separate it from the Mexican border, make it the epicenter of trends shaping America. Immigration, drug smuggling, human rights, government surveillance & militarization, vanishing rural life, water rights, native peoples, wilderness & endangered species, make Arivaca the canary in-the-mineshaft of trends shaping America and the world.

At the same, people of Arivaca represent many different walks of life; and share a common bond of rugged-individualism and self-determination. Arivaca is rich with artists, natural builders, organic farmers, solar-power/alternative energy, multi-generational ranchers, mineral prospectors and constitutional rights activists; and people that simply want to live in a natural environment, free of government/political interference in their lives.

I hope you enjoy perusing this website and learning about the selected films. Looking forward to see you on March 7th 2009.


Barton Santello Filmmaker & Arivaca Film Exhibition Organizer Contact: info@psychotropicfilms.com

Photo by Karl W. Hoffman