7:00 PM "Tortilla" (Human Interest)

Filmmaker: Luis Garcia
Genre: Experimental Short Film
Release Date: 2007
Run Time: 7 min

When Victor returns home to mourn the death of his mother and reunite with his childhood friends, he is met with animosity and derision. Confused and upset by this unfavorable welcome, he seeks solace at the grave of his late mother, where he is reminded of her saying, “It doesn’t matter which side the beans go on. What matters is what’s inside.”

A moving tale of self discovery and sacrifice examines the lengths a family will go to to provide a better life for their son, and what problems that “better” life may bring.

Description of film (above) sourced from the Arizona International Film Festival - Tucson

"This is a text-book film short with the heart and soul of an artist.
Filmmaker Luis Garcia's master craftmanship in this film can be seen
in its images, editing and sound design. A classic Independent short film.
Bart Santello - Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition