7:10 PM "YANG/YIN" Trailer (Drama)

Director: Scott Hellon (Tucson)
Production: Point of View Pictures
Genre: Psychological Drama
Release Date: TBD
Yang/Yin is a psychological drama about the human mind. The film explores the lives of three main characters, each with an addiction resulting in mental, physical and inter-personal challenges. As the lives of each character attempts to survive within the context of reality, they evolve toward the light of consciousess.
Note: This film is currently in post-production: Therefore a movie trailer will shown. Director Scott Hellon will be present to introduce himself and this forthcoming film.
About the filmmaker: Scott Hellon has been writing stories and formulating screenplay ideas since his early teens. While still a teenager, he attended intensive Summer film school programs at the University of Southern California and Boston University, where he made several short films.
After completing his first two screenplays in 2002, Hellon conceived a feature film project to be shot with an extremely low budget in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona. Writing a script around who and what he had to work with, Hellon spent the next year-and-a-half developing and shooting the college student drama "Decision To Ask Why". Hellon also wrote the screenplay, produced, and played a character in the film. Scott Hellon directed an additional feature film "Placebo", that is currently in post-production.
Immediately following completion of “Decision”, he threw himself into writing, planning and casting his second feature film with the current working title of “Yang/Yin”. This film is currently in production, with a completion date slated for later in 2009.