7:20 PM "Silent RED" (Thriller)

Director & Editor: Steve Bayless
Producer: Tina Huerta & Steve Bayless
Cinematographer: Steve Bayless
Music Score: Brian Grainger
Sound Design: Steve Bayless
Run Time: 4-Minutes
Release Date: 2007

As a Homage to German Expressionism, silent RED is a gothic retelling of the classic fable, taking what is known and casting it in an unfamiliar light. It is a tale of lost innocence told in stark, nightmarish terms.

About Filmmaker Steve Bayless: In addition to his short film projects, Steve Bayless has been Senior Editor at Tucson’s KUAT-TV for 13 years. He has received two Rocky Mountain Emmies and several PBS awards for his achievements in public television. He teaches aspiring editors at Pima Community College while he completes his degree in Media Arts at the University of Arizona.

Additional Credits:

Cast Members: D'Anne Desiree Janet Lynn Henderson Ian Van Cleve
Assistant Directors: Hal Melfi & Jon Proudstar Make-up Artist: Sonia Campbell

"Watching Silent RED, I really liked the tangible sense
of being present in the texture of the film.
A moody-haunting piece."
Bart Santello - Arivaca Filmmakers Exhibition