1:20 PM "Origins of the Arivaca Skate Park"

Director: Lance Hansen
Location: Arivaca, Arizona
Run Time: Approx 10-minutes
A few years ago local resident Lance Hansen had an idea to build a world-class skateboard park in Arivaca. With the help of contractors & volunteers donating their time, materials and equipment, the idea was turned into reality.
"The Origins of the Arivaca Skatepark" is a film about that journey and the reward of endless skateboarding once the project was complete. The skate park is an example of a rural Arizona town pulling together to create out of nowhere an opportunity for sport, entertainment and just plain fun!
"When Lance puts his mind to something
he follows through. This film embodies the
spirit of Arivaca. A town that creates it own fun."
Bart Santello - Arivaca Film Expo