1:30 PM Desert Light Labyrinth

Director: Valerie Elson
Location: Arivaca, Arizona
Music: Mary Scott
Year Made: 2009
Run Time: Approx 5-minutes

Filmmaker Valerie Elson sets a walk around the Desert Light Labyrinth to the music of Arivaca musician/composer, Mary Scott. I visited Arivaca for the first time last year to attend the Independent Filmmakers Exhibition. That's when I met Mary Scott and learned of the labyrinth that she created and which she dedicated "...to the timeless reality of pure being; the awareness that is the root of the universe, that makes perception possible. "Sadly, vandalism and the ravages of time have closed the labyrinth. With this little film, I hope to preserve its memory and have tried to capture how one "family" of relatives and friends managed (in the words of Mary Scott) to "...dissolve in the awareness of their true self, in silence an dstillness."
"Valerie was inspired by last year's film event
and enjoyed her time in Arivaca so much she
took an idea, dove in, and made this film."
Bart Santello - Arivaca Film Expo