1:35 PM "A Line In The Sand" (Preview)

A LINE IN THE SAND (documentary)

This upcoming piece from a trio of young filmmakers explores the resilient town and colorful people that make up Arivaca, Arizona.

"My name is Joel Smith and I am currently in post-production of a documentary on Arivaca, entitled A Line in the Sand. The piece focuses on Arivaca not only as one of the last American frontiers, but for its a front row seat to the immigration, drug trafficking, and border security debates. Our camera crew has made two trips down to Arivaca in the last year and a half, and our editor James Johenning and I are very interested in coming to the 2009 Film Expo."

"A LINE IN THE SAND" tells the story of those who have found a light in the desert in the shadow of the Border. A Border that is more militarized than ever, for reasons that are less and less clear.

Arivacans have had a front row seat to the failed Project 28 spy towers, the ongoing immigration debates, and the consolidation of the drug cartels. Yet through it all, they’ve stuck to their guns, fostering a real community with lessons for each and every one of us.

About the filmmakers: Bryce Goodman is a student at Oxford University, where he majors in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.
James Johenning is an L.A.-based editor and filmmaker.
Joel Smith lives in Los Angeles where he writes fiction and works as an academic tutor.

"This film crew has spent quality time here in Arivaca over the past couple of years filming and interviewing. We're looking forward to this preview and the final work in 2010." - Bart Santello, Arivaca Film Exhibition