1:45 PM "Amber Desert" (Natural Building)

In 'Free-State Province' just 3-hours southeast of Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, is a town called Memel.

Amber Desert - Natural Building & Organics
a film presentation by Steven Ablondi
Amber Desert - Natural Building & Organics is an informational film about a vision for Memel to become a model community for natural building, Permaculture, and alternative energy in the Republic of South Africa.A semi-arid climate and 4,000 feet in elevation, gives this area a look and feel to that of some western US states. This project has been undertaken by two Americans, Steve Ablondi and Cindy Burns that discovered Memel while living in Africa for work and travel.

This film is relevant to Arivaca because the principals in this project have visted Arivaca, Arizona several times and were inspired in part by the natural building and organic farming activities of the people in Arivaca.

Preceeding the film will be a slideshow providing background for the film. The slideshow will give details on the people involved, discuss the geographic area; provde a comparison to the work going on in Arivaca; and discuss opportunites and challenges facing the principles involved.

After the slideshow and film there will be a 10-minute question and answer session with the audience.
Filmmaker: Steven Ablondi
Executive Producer: Cindy Burns
Photography: Steven Ablondi & Bart Santello
Produced by: Amber Desert
Filmmed in: Memel, Republic of South Africa
Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 2008
Run Time: (film) 24-minutes (Program) 1-hour
"This documentary provides a basis for discussion of Permaculture and natural building and reveals its connection to Arivaca the 'green' movements now spreading across the globe" - Bart Santello, Organizer Arivaca Film Expo